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Our Story

Ebony Healing was founded by Goddess Kayla Selestan in 2017. Kayla was born in Atlanta, Ga in 1992. At the age of 16, Selestan began to hate the thought of ingesting a pill or being injected with a needle to overcome any health concerns as she suffered from asthma, anxiety, kidney & heart problems. This was due to her dislike for the side effects she experienced after taking numerous medications throughout her lifetime that did not work with for the African temple. She knew that something which was suppose to make her better was not suppose to be chemical based, man-made, or give her negative outcomes that would effect her entire life. She also knew that based on her roots and God given instincts, that there had to be a more natural way to heal herself from her sicknesses. As a result, she started researching natural alternatives to heal the body.

Due to her stance to fight for natural remedies for herself and her people, she embarked on her journey by tracing her roots where she first learned more about the African-being spiritual and physical composition. She started as a pupil/follower of the late herbalist, healer, pathologist, biochemist, and naturalist, Alfredo Darrington Bowman, better known as Dr. Sebi. She also became a student to professional meditator, Je'Ru, where she soon grasped the understanding of her spiritual purpose. Today, Kayla has studied and practiced holistic healing and meditation on family, friends, and peers for over 6+ years. She has gained trust, love, and support from many, due to their positive, long lasting results. Her continued success in holistic healing has grown into the business we know today as Ebony Healing.


Ebony Healing is an all natural detox solution that assist with eliminating toxins, mucus, and other harmful impurities that lead to alterations in the Human Genome. These alterations lead to most ailments and defects including the more common ones insomnia, lupus, high blood pressure, diabetes, depression, stress, Fatigue, your ability to lose and/or gain weight, etc. We have customers that have experienced breakthroughs using our product and are certain we can Assist all.

Ebony Healing is sculpted after the consciousness of the 5th dimension; where our souls resides. We strive to assist our people to grasp the concept that we are able to heal ourselves through our spiritual being, the master of the flesh we live in. This is the understanding that the thought of being sick or ill is nothing but a limitation of our own thoughts. Meaning, when we allow the physical being "the 3 dimensional flesh" to speak of a sickness, we become the product of that ailment. Consciously, we "human beings" have to start tapping into our 5th dimensional beings "spiritual beings" in order to reap the benefits of the immortal being that is NEVER sick, who defies any chance of death or extinction. Once we have reached this level of consciousness, we would have officially reclaimed our freedom from; limitations, strong holds, mental blocks, ailments & disease, time, negativity, etc. At that point, the purpose of our lives will begin to unfold, rapidly.

✊🏾 Our Mission ✊🏾

Ebony Healing's mission is to assist people in reclaiming their birthright of vibrant and optimal health by facilitating the body's natural process of healing itself with nature’s own herbs. Our product alone cannot heal any disease, or cure any person; however, we at Ebony Healing, believe that the human body and mind can heal from diseases when given the proper tools, and guidance to do so. We would like to spread the knowledge that YOU possess an inner intelligence that is naturally capable of repairing any damage done to your body. Our goal is to help facilitate the healing process and help evoke that inner intelligence to do what comes naturally..