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Eboneer Testimonies

"I've been drinking this tea for about two weeks now! I have a lot of joint pain and I've noticed I am able to stand in the shower longer now! I love knowing I am putting nature's own into my body opposed to man made medicines. I highly recommend this tea! I'm looking forward to the good things that is going to come from it."

Deirdre Bowie-Johnson

Angel Terry 

"Happiness, Love, & Ebony Healing helped me achieve my weight-loss goals. Some results like more energy are almost immediate after drinking Ebony Healing's Tea. I would recommend this product to anyone wanting to truly improve their health the natural way."

Denise Barrett

"I was very sluggish in the morning and never wanted to get out of bed. Ever since I began drinking the herbs, I have great energy that makes me want to put on makeup, a cute dress, and seize the day!"

Angel Terry 

Deja Rice 

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At Ebony Healing, we strive to assist our customers in awakening their inner wellness and finding inner peace. We promote meditation to open the mind to limitless possibilities to allow the body to heal itself. Once the mind is aware of its power, we can then begin the healing process, by supplying the body with all natural ingredients to do so. 

We love to hear about our Eboneers healing journey with our Remedy Teas. Our clients have displayed breakthroughs in several areas such as; the elimination of stress and anxiety, weight loss, energy, better sleep, healing of diseases, etc. Please feel free to send us your testimony to [email protected];. We would love to hear about your healing journey with us. 

Words From Ebony Healing 

"Ebony Healing is sculpted after the consciousness of the 5th dimension; where our souls resides. We strive to assist our people to grasp the concept that we are able to heal ourselves through our spiritual being, the master of the flesh we live in. This is the understanding that the thought of being sick or ill is nothing but the limitation of our own thoughts. Meaning, when we allow the physical being "the 3 dimensional flesh" to speak of a sickness, we become the product of that ailment. Consciously, we "human beings" have to start tapping into our 5th dimensional beings "spiritual beings" in order to reap the benefits of the immortal being that NEVER gets sick, and who defies any chance of death or extinction. Once we have reached this level of consciousness, we would have officially reclaimed our freedom from; limitations, strong holds, mental blocks, ailments & disease, time, negativity, etc. At that point, the purpose of our lives will begin to unfold, rapidly."

~ Ebony Healing


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